In the past Cretan woven handworks, have been highlighted by vibrant colors and geometric patterns. There were made garments and home textiles and as well as wall carpets with byzantine patterns. Very often these patterns were different from village to village.

Take the opportunity to visit one of the oldest looms in the Lasinthos Eco Park and look at the unique web art.

The tradition of the weaving and embroidery is mostly passed from the older women to the younger generation but the entry into modern life, has almost left this tradition in oblivion.
On Crete, there are still places which keeps this art alive.

Basically everything is embroidered, from bed linen, towels, tablecloths, pillows and also in the church you will even find parts of traditional costumes, decorated with embroidery.

The motifs can be just decorative (flowers etc.) or even have a symbolic meaning.
Visit our showroom and let this art come to you.