Pottery is one of the oldest customs of Crete dating back to the Minoan period (3000-2100 BC). In the early ages, pottery objects were produced for everyday use as preservation containers for food, olive oil and wine. Also, pottery was very popular for producing decorative vases for palaces, e.g. for the Palace of Knossos or the archaeological site of Malia.

Even today this art is passed on from the Older Generation to the Younger.
However, over the years, modernity has also attracted the attention of pottery, and the visitor may find pottery products in the shelves of the most fashionable shops.

Today, large vessels are produced only in small-scale specialized factories or cooperative factories.

Take the opportunity and have a sit at the potter's table. We will show you how to do it, how we prepare the clay and the fire of ceramics in special ovens.